About This Site

I built this site between 2021-09-30 and 2021-10-03 as a way to practice PHP and to have a better way to display my growing calculator collection.

Each calculator is stored in a PHP file as a series of variables, like make, model, etc. When you go to that calculator's page, the page pulls that information from folders on the server and displays it on a template page. This makes adding and modifying calculators easy, and means that I can change the formatting for every page at once.

I'm Hayden, and I'm a math and computer science student from New Brunswick, Canada. You can visit my personal homepage at the root of this site, at www.haywalk.ca. This site, my personal site, and all subdomains of haywalk.ca are served from a Raspberry Pi 4B (4GB) in my basement running Raspbian and Apache.