Casio FX-115 ES Plus

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Facts About This Calculator

Brand: Casio
Model: FX-115 ES Plus
Type: Scientific (Engineering)
Display: 2-line LCD, Casio "Visually Perfect Algebraic Method (V.P.A.M.)"
Release date:
Date acquired by me: 2019-12-25
Functional status: Working

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Description and Notes

This calculator is my favourite ever, and was my first engineering calculator. I've used almost all of its functions, and have read the manual cover to cover multiple times. On one occasion in the spring of 2021 I lost it for over a month only to find it in my desk drawer. On another occcasion in the early fall of 2021, I spilled an aqueous solution of KAl(OH)4 on it during a first-year chemistry lab and it didn't work for a few days, but after thorough cleaning and drying out completely it works again.