Casio FX-991 ES Plus C (2nd edition)

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Facts About This Calculator

Brand: Casio
Model: FX-991 ES Plus C (2nd edition)
Type: Scientific (Engineering)
Display: 2-line LCD, Casio "Visually Perfect Algebraic Method (V.P.A.M.)"
Release date:
Date acquired by me: 2021-10-04 (x2)
Functional status: Working

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Description and Notes

I ordered this calculator when I thought I'd ruined my FX-115 ES Plus, and I ordered two. It's the exact same calculator as the 115 ES Plus and the 991 ES Plus, but in a different case. I chose this one over the 991 EX (which I'll get eventually) as a potential replacement, because I can't stand the white case on the EX.